Valuing Your Business

Interested in selling your business, finding your next acquisition, or just valuing your business?

What sets Agenda apart is we are focused on the health care industry with a concentration in three health care sectors, Home Health, Hospice, and Group Homes. Given our tight focus, we have developed deep relationships with many of the major health care private equity firms and their operating companies. We have direct access to the private equity partners and their operating companies’ presidents. This allows us to expedite all opportunities.

Agenda’s team is highly skilled in quickly and accurately valuing healthcare businesses and putting them in front of the right buyer, creating a deal that benefits both parties. It is normal for us to be able to give you a rough guess of value from a 15 minute phone call. We are always happy to visit with anyone about the value of your business and discuss the selling and buying process.


Whether you’re interesting in selling, buying, or just learning more about the value of your business, we’d love to hear from you.

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